Week Three Review!

Hey guys! I’ve realised that my scheduled Wednesday posts haven’t been posting! I’m still new so not sure what I’m doing. It’s all a learning curve.

My week has been quite uneventful – I have spent most of my week sending emails to the same 5 people trying to get them to pass along information I desperately need. HOWEVER, we HAVE met our 50% target a week early. If you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know that at one point that seemed unmanageable. So everyone is quite happy about this however month end is approaching and the budget for 2018 has also been due and stress levels are high. I also found out I will be helping sort out the company’s tax packet during July and I cannot wait to experience that. Tax is an area of finance I have been interested in but not really known anything about so this will give me a massive insight for my placement applications come September. The highlight of my week was most definitely getting more of my computer accesses – I lead a very interesting life, I know.

The one thing I didn’t really expect was how weird it would be going into a fully adult environment having only ever been a student. I think that’s the thing I wasn’t prepared for, even in my part time jobs I’ve never been the youngest by more than 10/15 years before. But its an absolutely amazing experience to get to work with people from very different backgrounds.

This week has been exhausting with one thing after another but its been fun and it keeps it exciting. And on an unrelated note, checkout the squirrel in my garden eating birdfood.

Please go and follow me on twitter (press the twitter icon on the page) for updates as to when posts will be coming out. I also am not very good at computer design so if anyone knows how to make social media photos pls email me @ meg@aprudentstudent.com , I can repay you in shoutouts and love.


Have a lovely week x

Week Two Review!

So on Monday this week I started with my internal audit tests but all of my managers were on holiday so when I’d done as much as I could do without being signed off I helped with other people’s leg work on their tests (photocopying and printing and emailing). All exciting times – my IT STILL wasn’t working properly so I’m still relying on others to help me along.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more involved, I was scheduled for my very first meeting!! I had to accept the invite and everything – well exciting. My handler was back in so we went through the tests I’d done the day before and gave me pointers on what else I needed for my tests to pass. However on Wednesday I was meant to meet up with some of my societies committee and they stood me up and on top of that I got a huge amount of blisters – next year will be fun.

Thursday I was granted access to one more IT system and so was able to complete some audit tests completely on my own! How novel.. However this is the first lunch time I missed the walking club due to my poorly feet L And it was the first day where it was a relief that the air con was on full blast because it was very very warm outside.

I have to say, I was relieved to get to the end of the week, mainly because the photocopier has decided it doesn’t like me and keeps telling me there’s a paper jam (even though so such jam exists) AND it means that I can have two days of lie ins which is always a blessing after waking up at 6:30 all week. So, Friday is ALWAYS a good day because due to the Monday to Thursday working hours being 8-4:45 on a Friday we are rewarded by only having work till 12! Mum and me went to the Good Food Show at the NEC and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cheese and cake in all my life.

This is the end of my second week of my internship – I managed to set up my twitter account so go give me a follow? I’ll be retweeting cute animals and relevant things like when a new post comes up. Every Sunday and Wednesday – enjoy your week!


Meg x

Week One Review!

So my first day on the job wasn’t hectic. It was their month end so not very much time and my IT hadn’t kicked in so I was surveying more than helping. However, it did give me a good insight into how much work there is to do in a couple of days to round up a month. The one thing I forgot to do was bring a mug and some coffee! So After getting up at 6:45am and working till 5 I was exhausted by the time I got home.

My second day was a little bit more involved, I had some admin duties to do to relieve the pressure off other people in the team so that they could do more time pressured tasks. I was also given the opportunity sit in on a conference call which was amazing! There are a few other sites that produce the same things ours does and it was just everyone summarising what happened in May and saying what went well and what didn’t go to plan and then looking at the bigger picture of how all of our responsibilities fitted into the forecast for the quarter and then the year. May sound nerdy but it was super interesting. But after a long day (I started work at 8am! L ) I then my way into uni to have my handover for president of TeachFirst. This was also quite nice to get some reassurance about things I was nervous with and to check if the targets I’d set for membership and fundraising ALSO sounded realistic to her – which they did!

Wednesday was also quite involved as my main role was to help send out invoices to customers so that in turn they could pay us and we could add this to our sales for the respective months. It was a very long winded process as there were lots of places the invoices had to be ticked off and different ways I had to make sure they were filed before I could put them into the correct envelopes. But my IT was starting to work by today so that was good! Although its very weird having two independent computer screens, makes one feel v eryimportant.. I’ve also officially joined the lunch crew – we go on a lunchtime walk just to get some fresh air and some steps in, all good fun!

But obviously the good IT couldn’t last! My Thursday and Friday I was doing filing because my silly system kept crashing and I had to have a whole new IT account created. But I’ve found a lovely fish and chip shop nearby so all is well in the world! Super excited to get absolutely stuck in to internal audits next week!!!



How do you prepare for an internship???

Okay, so starting this week I have an 9 week placement in the finance department of an engineering company. But how do you prepare for an internship? As a wise man once told me – fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. This in mind, I’m pretty sure I read every article out there so here are my top tips!:

  • I started by looking at what the company actually DOES. My aim was to feel more confident with the company I was going to be working for so my first week wouldn’t be as daunting.
  • While this one may just be because I love shopping, I bought some workwear so that I could look and feel the part. Even though it may sound superficial, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing its difficult to walk into a new situation so invest in a smart outfit!
  • The night before you start do something for you, whether its having the longest bubble bath of your life, or doing your fave exercise class, orrrrrr binge watching the latest season of a trash TV show you claim to be not obsessed with, whatever it is make it about YOU and things that make you feel zen. For me this is knitting – see below my hedgehog, his name is Herbert.
  • Try the journey!!!!!!!! Google mapping it does not count. Public transport, your own car, or chauffer even, just make sure you know how much time it will realistically take to get to where you’re going. There is nothing worse than being stressed out because you’re late, especially not on your first day.
  • Get a notebook/diary you adore to take with you to write down everything you’re learning and things you need to remember to do and if someone asks you to do something for them but you’re already in the middle of something you can just jot it down and then there’s no chance of forgetting. Plus it’ll show you’re serious about being there and learning everything you can.
  • The week before TRY and get your sleeping pattern in check. Go to bed earlier and wake up at the time you should wake up at (one of these days could be your trial journey J). This is the one I struggled with the most but having to practise having showers the night before and getting up at 6:45AM (who knew there were two of these in a day!?) was the best preparation I did.


That concludes my guide on what to do to prepare yourself but I do think these are the rituals that made me feel the most prepared for what would come next. Tune back in on Sunday for a review of my first week!!!


Much love x



Hey stranger!

I’m a 19 year old Accounting student and just like your average student, I’m getting through the university experience balancing sleep, work, and play – lol, jk… If you’re anything like me then you’re absolutely terrified of what’s to come in only a few years after we graduate and become proper adults (if there is such a thing???).

For the duration of the coming (academic) year, this will be a blog about my experiences in developing my CV, being president of a charitable society, trying to gain a good (hopefully well-paying) placement in industry, AND, attempting to pass my second year of university. While this will hopefully contain what seem like good ideas for getting a job in the long run, I’m hoping it can also provide me an opportunity on something to look back across and see how I got to wherever it is to end up. So you may or may not be wondering why on earth I want to share this with you? And the frank truth is that I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

When I finished my A-Levels in June 2016 I eagerly started to plan what my uni room was going to look like: what the perfect bedding would be (IKEA, obviously) and how close the nearest Starbucks was to where I was being the most important. I then realised through the stress of exam season and having done my student finance and applied for accommodation absentmindedly between cramming/crying sessions that I had no idea how much my uni accommodation costed and in fact that my first payment alone was more than £1000 over what my loan payment would be. I am in the very very lucky position of being able to receive some help from my parents but even if I didn’t spend a single penny they gave me it wouldn’t have been able to pay the difference between my loan and my living costs. This is when I realised I had a LOT of money I had to raise in the three months between school and uni. While it seemed impossible at the time I had no choice but to do it. Since then I have been rejected and hired for jobs, worked 70+ hour weeks, consecutive night and day shifts, and had multiple jobs at a time to keep up with my living costs.


But enough about me, that’s my last year. Enjoy the antics of my life, hope you enjoy.

Meg x