Week One Review!

So my first day on the job wasn’t hectic. It was their month end so not very much time and my IT hadn’t kicked in so I was surveying more than helping. However, it did give me a good insight into how much work there is to do in a couple of days to round up a month. The one thing I forgot to do was bring a mug and some coffee! So After getting up at 6:45am and working till 5 I was exhausted by the time I got home.

My second day was a little bit more involved, I had some admin duties to do to relieve the pressure off other people in the team so that they could do more time pressured tasks. I was also given the opportunity sit in on a conference call which was amazing! There are a few other sites that produce the same things ours does and it was just everyone summarising what happened in May and saying what went well and what didn’t go to plan and then looking at the bigger picture of how all of our responsibilities fitted into the forecast for the quarter and then the year. May sound nerdy but it was super interesting. But after a long day (I started work at 8am! L ) I then my way into uni to have my handover for president of TeachFirst. This was also quite nice to get some reassurance about things I was nervous with and to check if the targets I’d set for membership and fundraising ALSO sounded realistic to her – which they did!

Wednesday was also quite involved as my main role was to help send out invoices to customers so that in turn they could pay us and we could add this to our sales for the respective months. It was a very long winded process as there were lots of places the invoices had to be ticked off and different ways I had to make sure they were filed before I could put them into the correct envelopes. But my IT was starting to work by today so that was good! Although its very weird having two independent computer screens, makes one feel v eryimportant.. I’ve also officially joined the lunch crew – we go on a lunchtime walk just to get some fresh air and some steps in, all good fun!

But obviously the good IT couldn’t last! My Thursday and Friday I was doing filing because my silly system kept crashing and I had to have a whole new IT account created. But I’ve found a lovely fish and chip shop nearby so all is well in the world! Super excited to get absolutely stuck in to internal audits next week!!!



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