Week Three Review!

Hey guys! I’ve realised that my scheduled Wednesday posts haven’t been posting! I’m still new so not sure what I’m doing. It’s all a learning curve.

My week has been quite uneventful – I have spent most of my week sending emails to the same 5 people trying to get them to pass along information I desperately need. HOWEVER, we HAVE met our 50% target a week early. If you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know that at one point that seemed unmanageable. So everyone is quite happy about this however month end is approaching and the budget for 2018 has also been due and stress levels are high. I also found out I will be helping sort out the company’s tax packet during July and I cannot wait to experience that. Tax is an area of finance I have been interested in but not really known anything about so this will give me a massive insight for my placement applications come September. The highlight of my week was most definitely getting more of my computer accesses – I lead a very interesting life, I know.

The one thing I didn’t really expect was how weird it would be going into a fully adult environment having only ever been a student. I think that’s the thing I wasn’t prepared for, even in my part time jobs I’ve never been the youngest by more than 10/15 years before. But its an absolutely amazing experience to get to work with people from very different backgrounds.

This week has been exhausting with one thing after another but its been fun and it keeps it exciting. And on an unrelated note, checkout the squirrel in my garden eating birdfood.

Please go and follow me on twitter (press the twitter icon on the page) for updates as to when posts will be coming out. I also am not very good at computer design so if anyone knows how to make social media photos pls email me @ meg@aprudentstudent.com , I can repay you in shoutouts and love.


Have a lovely week x

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