Week Two Review!

So on Monday this week I started with my internal audit tests but all of my managers were on holiday so when I’d done as much as I could do without being signed off I helped with other people’s leg work on their tests (photocopying and printing and emailing). All exciting times – my IT STILL wasn’t working properly so I’m still relying on others to help me along.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more involved, I was scheduled for my very first meeting!! I had to accept the invite and everything – well exciting. My handler was back in so we went through the tests I’d done the day before and gave me pointers on what else I needed for my tests to pass. However on Wednesday I was meant to meet up with some of my societies committee and they stood me up and on top of that I got a huge amount of blisters – next year will be fun.

Thursday I was granted access to one more IT system and so was able to complete some audit tests completely on my own! How novel.. However this is the first lunch time I missed the walking club due to my poorly feet L And it was the first day where it was a relief that the air con was on full blast because it was very very warm outside.

I have to say, I was relieved to get to the end of the week, mainly because the photocopier has decided it doesn’t like me and keeps telling me there’s a paper jam (even though so such jam exists) AND it means that I can have two days of lie ins which is always a blessing after waking up at 6:30 all week. So, Friday is ALWAYS a good day because due to the Monday to Thursday working hours being 8-4:45 on a Friday we are rewarded by only having work till 12! Mum and me went to the Good Food Show at the NEC and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cheese and cake in all my life.

This is the end of my second week of my internship – I managed to set up my twitter account so go give me a follow? I’ll be retweeting cute animals and relevant things like when a new post comes up. Every Sunday and Wednesday – enjoy your week!


Meg x

Hey stranger!

I’m a 19 year old Accounting student and just like your average student, I’m getting through the university experience balancing sleep, work, and play – lol, jk… If you’re anything like me then you’re absolutely terrified of what’s to come in only a few years after we graduate and become proper adults (if there is such a thing???).

For the duration of the coming (academic) year, this will be a blog about my experiences in developing my CV, being president of a charitable society, trying to gain a good (hopefully well-paying) placement in industry, AND, attempting to pass my second year of university. While this will hopefully contain what seem like good ideas for getting a job in the long run, I’m hoping it can also provide me an opportunity on something to look back across and see how I got to wherever it is to end up. So you may or may not be wondering why on earth I want to share this with you? And the frank truth is that I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve achieved so far.

When I finished my A-Levels in June 2016 I eagerly started to plan what my uni room was going to look like: what the perfect bedding would be (IKEA, obviously) and how close the nearest Starbucks was to where I was being the most important. I then realised through the stress of exam season and having done my student finance and applied for accommodation absentmindedly between cramming/crying sessions that I had no idea how much my uni accommodation costed and in fact that my first payment alone was more than £1000 over what my loan payment would be. I am in the very very lucky position of being able to receive some help from my parents but even if I didn’t spend a single penny they gave me it wouldn’t have been able to pay the difference between my loan and my living costs. This is when I realised I had a LOT of money I had to raise in the three months between school and uni. While it seemed impossible at the time I had no choice but to do it. Since then I have been rejected and hired for jobs, worked 70+ hour weeks, consecutive night and day shifts, and had multiple jobs at a time to keep up with my living costs.


But enough about me, that’s my last year. Enjoy the antics of my life, hope you enjoy.

Meg x