How do you prepare for an internship???

Okay, so starting this week I have an 9 week placement in the finance department of an engineering company. But how do you prepare for an internship? As a wise man once told me – fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. This in mind, I’m pretty sure I read every article out there so here are my top tips!:

  • I started by looking at what the company actually DOES. My aim was to feel more confident with the company I was going to be working for so my first week wouldn’t be as daunting.
  • While this one may just be because I love shopping, I bought some workwear so that I could look and feel the part. Even though it may sound superficial, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing its difficult to walk into a new situation so invest in a smart outfit!
  • The night before you start do something for you, whether its having the longest bubble bath of your life, or doing your fave exercise class, orrrrrr binge watching the latest season of a trash TV show you claim to be not obsessed with, whatever it is make it about YOU and things that make you feel zen. For me this is knitting – see below my hedgehog, his name is Herbert.
  • Try the journey!!!!!!!! Google mapping it does not count. Public transport, your own car, or chauffer even, just make sure you know how much time it will realistically take to get to where you’re going. There is nothing worse than being stressed out because you’re late, especially not on your first day.
  • Get a notebook/diary you adore to take with you to write down everything you’re learning and things you need to remember to do and if someone asks you to do something for them but you’re already in the middle of something you can just jot it down and then there’s no chance of forgetting. Plus it’ll show you’re serious about being there and learning everything you can.
  • The week before TRY and get your sleeping pattern in check. Go to bed earlier and wake up at the time you should wake up at (one of these days could be your trial journey J). This is the one I struggled with the most but having to practise having showers the night before and getting up at 6:45AM (who knew there were two of these in a day!?) was the best preparation I did.


That concludes my guide on what to do to prepare yourself but I do think these are the rituals that made me feel the most prepared for what would come next. Tune back in on Sunday for a review of my first week!!!


Much love x